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We will going to understanding this article through some points and I hope everything will be clear to you by this article.

Points that we will gonna read throughout this article:

Which Equipments will you need for a CCTV Camera Setup ?

How much a basic 4 channel Setup costs ?

Equipments for CCTV Camera Setup

So, Firstly what comes in a CCTV Camera Setup ? You will need the following Equipments:

DVR-Digital Video Recorder (record video from camera)

Power Supply (gives power to Dvr)

Power Connector (connects power supply to Dvr)

Hard Disk (stores your recordings)


HDMI Cable (connects Dvr to television/computer)

Microphone (optional)

Video Connectors (for connecting camera to Dvr)

Wires (for installation)

So, these are all the things that you need for installation of CCTV Cameras.

Now, we will talk about How much will a 4 Channel CCTV Camera Setup Costs ?

4 Channel CCTV Camera Cost

Here, I am gonna tell you about the cost of a 4 Channel CCTV Camera Setup which includes a 4 Channel DVR, Power Supply Four 2.4 MegaPixels Cameras, a Microphone, Power and Video Connectors, 3 meters HDMI Cable, 90 meters installation wires and a 500 GB Hard Disk.

So, here is the seperate cost for the equipments:

4 Channel DVR:                                        Rs 1,800

Power Supply:                                          Rs 300

2.4 Megapixel Camera:                            Rs 600 per piece

Microphone:                                              Rs 90

Power and Video Connectors:                  Rs 25 per pair

3 meters HDMI Cable:                             Rs 90

500 GB Hard Disk (Refurbished):            Rs 1,100

90 Meters Installation Wire :                   Rs 900 (approx)

Now, add the costs for the equipments:

1 DVR (Rs 1,800) + 1 Power Supply (Rs 300) + Four 2.4 MP Cameras (Rs 600 x 4 = Rs 2,400) + 1 Microphone (Rs 90) + Four Pair of Power & Video Connectors (Rs 25 x 4= Rs 100) + 3 meters HDMI Cable (Rs 90) + 500 GB Hard Disk (Rs 1,100) + 90 Meters Installation Wire (Rs 900-approx).

So, the total cost of the 4 channel CCTV Setup costs approximately Rs6,700.

How to Buy ?

If, you want to buy this setup or any other setup/equipments then you can visit to ‘GEE KAY ELECTRONICS’ Shop: 65/55 which is located in Lajpat Rai Market, Chandni Chowk, Delhi-110006.

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