Ati Pro 3 Channel DJ Mixer

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So, I have a 3 Channel DJ Mixer from ATI Pro Audio which has a model number DJM 363M. I am gonna tell you all the very plus points of this mixer with its price range.

Before getting some information about this model. Let’s understand the DJ Mixer first.

What is DJ Mixer?

DJ Mixer is a processing unit which is used in PA Systems. If you don’t know about the PA Systems then after this article, I will publish another article on this.

What is a Processing Unit?

So, Basically processing unit is an unit which processes the sound or audio which is coming from an Input source and forward this audio into amplifier for amplification.

There are many kinds of DJ units which includes  Mixers, Crossovers, Equalizers etc.

This is the working of DJ Mixer in DJ Systems.

Now, Let’s come on today’s topic which is Ati Pro 3 Channel DJ Mixer.

Ati Pro DJ Mixer: DJM 363M

dj mixer

It is a 3 Channel Mixer, with some unique features.

As, you can see that it has two USB ports by which you can use your two USB devices at same time. You can easily plug and play pen drives etc.

This mixer has a weight of 2.7 Kilograms, which feels like a premium dj mixer. It has an additional microphone support as you can see in the below figure.

t has a Microphone jack. It also has an Earphone/Headphone Jack.

Now, If we talk about its price range it comes with a price range of about Rs. 9000.

It also has XLR jack and comes with a over voltage security as it has a fuse in it. Which protects its from voltage fluctuations.

Now, In the above picture you can see the back side of this mixer. On this side you can see the power on/off switch, a fuse socket, power cord jack, XLR and RC Outputs.

If you want to purchase this mixer can WhatApp me on this number: +919891163890.

or you can buy this alternative of this 3 channel mixer from amazon:

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